TOKYO, June 15, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it will commercially launch new silicon radio-frequency (RF) high-output metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) modules capable of automatic mounting on printed circuit boards of professional radio equipment on July 1. As the first MOSFET models in the 60W-output class to offer this capability (according to Mitsubishi's own research as of June 15), the modules are expected to raise the productivity of professional radio equipment manufacturing by eliminating the need for screws and other mounting processes. Two types of modules providing the transmitter circuitry of professional transceiver equipment will be available as a pair.

Silicon RF high-output MOSFET module pair

Silicon RF high-output MOSFET module pair

High-power amps for professional radio equipment commonly are mounted on their cabinets with screws, which has prompted calls for more efficient mounting solutions. In addition to responding to this need, Mitsubishi Electric's new MOSFET modules will help reduce to the size and power consumption of radio equipment.

Product Features

First automatic-mounting MOSFET module
-The modules can be automatically mounted thanks to a heat-resistant design that can withstand the temperature of reflow solder, which will raise the productivity of radio equipment manufacturing
Optimized circuit design reduces size, weight and power consumption (compared to current RA series)
-Optimized circuitry and thermal design halve the modules' footprint and cut the current heatsink weight to one-third
-Power consumption has been lowered via an 80 percent reduction in required input power (currently 10mW) and a 5 percent improvement in drain efficiency (currently 60 percent overall)
Two module types available as a pair for professional radio equipment transmitters
-Driver-stage and final-stage modules, offered as a matched pair, free customers from having to design matching circuits, further raising manufacturing productivity
Sales Schedule
Model* Specification Shipment
135-175MHz RA05H1317MS1 12.5V 10mW 85W 60% July 1st
378-470MHz RA05H3353MS1 53%
440-527MHz RA05H3353MS1 52%
*Upper figure: driver-stage module; lower figure: final-stage module

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