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Mitsubishi Electric produces a variety of high-quality products for residential use, including air conditioning, photovoltaic and home theatre systems, as well as energy-efficient household electric/electronic appliances like fans, refrigerators and televisions. All products incorporate cutting-edge technologies for minimal environmental impact and are manufactured in environment-conscious production facilities, further contributing to the actualisation of sustainable societies around the globe.

Product Line-up


Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators are designed with the end-user in mind—including conventional refrigerators with the freezer located at the top, and those with the freezer located at the bottom. All of our products incorporate various unique ergonomic, food preservation, hygiene-conscious and energy-efficient technologies.

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Air Purifiers

Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers absorb large amounts of air, removing fine particles and airborne viruses. Due to their high volume of airflow, our units are particularly effective at cleaning wide areas in a short period of time.

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Mitsubishi Electric compact and energy-saving dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and are simple to operate and easy to maintain. In addition to helping prevent the build-up of condensation and mold, these systems also provide benefit by helping making it easier to dry laundry.

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Electric Fans

Mitsubishi Electric fans are ingeniously designed and made of special high-quality materials. Offered in stylish ergonomic designs that suit virtually any interior and with a range of features that ensure safety and easy operation, Mitsubishi Electric fans are highly rated in the market.

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