SYDNEY, Australia, 10 May 2016: The quality of air in our homes impacts health and environment, and with Australians typically spending 90% or more of their time indoors1, Mitsubishi Electric developed the Lossnay centralised fresh air ventilation system for homes. Lossnay features Sensible Core heat exchange technology, previously found in commercial systems, buildings, schools, and hospitals are now available for the home. The new Lossnay unit provides 24 hours ventilation for the entire house, from the living areas to bathrooms and toilets.

Fresh Living

The Lossnay centralised fresh air ventilation system works by extracting stale air from inside your house to remove damp, odours, dust, bacteria and gasses. Allergen-reduced fresh air from outside replaces the exhaust air, unlike some systems that recycle it from the dust-filled attic. The Lossnay’s filter also helps to improve indoor air quality by cutting pollen and dust from the air.

For homes where windows are shut due to being located near busy roads or other noisy locations, occupants can suffer from a lack of fresh air. Lossnay ventilation system will continue to bring fresh air into the house while simultaneously expelling stale air through its exhaust system while windows are closed. Equipped with a Sensible Core heat exchange, the Lossnay also allows exhaust ventilation from the toilet and bathroom, thus eliminating the need for an independent exhaust fan and minimising temperature differences.

Lossnay heat recovery ventilation for homes

LOSSNAY VL-220CZGV-E energy recovery system for homes

Energy Saving Functions Throughout

Energy efficiency has been designed into the system. With Heat Recovery Mode switched on, energy from within exhausted stale air is recovered and used to pre-heat or pre-cool the fresh air being vented in, warming the fresh air in winter and cooling it in summer. The heat recovery reduces the load on air conditioning for both heating and cooling.

Product model number and name

LOSSNAY VL-220CZGV-E energy recovery system for homes


Available now through Mitsubishi Electric specialist dealers and selected contractors. For sales inquiries, please contact 1800 811 212.

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1. (NSCA, 2000a; Australian Government, The National Health and Medical Research Council, 2000)

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