SYDNEY, Australia, 11 May 2016: Mitsubishi Electric Australia released its new Air Conducting Fan series today, designed to improve ventilation and air conditioning efficiency and drive down running costs. Spaces such as car parks, warehouse and factories tend to be a trap for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other unwanted gases due to poor ventilation. The Mitsubishi Electric Air Conducting Fan has been designed to create a breeze and assist in the movement of exhaust gasses towards ventilation equipment and smoothly distributing conditioned air around space.

Air conducting fan - Ventilation

Air conducting fan for warehouse ventilation

Air conducting fan for warehouses - Ventilation

Air conducting fan for warehouse ventilation

Reduced Noise, Costs, and Power Consumption

With a compact axial fan featuring quiet propeller design, the Air Conducting Fan reduces noise levels without compromising on airflow. This design, which eliminates the need for ductwork, also reduces installation costs. The compact and high-efficiency motor and coaxial fan also reduce power consumption which will benefit operators of car park and warehouse and factory facilities, given the increasing price of utilities.

Improved Air Quality and Working Environment

Air Conducting Fans are particularly useful for moving and expelling stagnant, dirty exhaust gas and hot air that stagnates in the midsections of buildings with complicated floor plans. The airflow created by the fans allow fresh air to permeate all corners of a car park while at the same time reliably directing the vehicle exhaust gas toward the exhaust fans.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conducting Fans help conditioned air to reach all corners, improving comfort levels throughout the area. The enhanced effectiveness of cooling over a wider area and the airflow they generate creates a refreshing breeze.

Product model number and name

AH-1006/1509/2009/3009S-E Air Conducting Fan


Available now through Mitsubishi Electric specialist dealers and selected contractors. For sales inquiries, please contact 1800 811 212.

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