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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 4-terminal N-series 1200V SiC-MOSFETs Helps to reduce power consumption and physical size of power-supply systems


TOKYO, November 5, 2020 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the coming launch of a new series of silicon-carbide metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), the N-series of 1200V SiC-MOSFETs in a TO-247-4 package,1 which achieves 30% less switching loss compared to the existing TO-247-3 package2 products. The new series will help to reduce the power consumption and physical size of power-supply systems requiring high-voltage conversion, such as electric vehicle (EV) on-board chargers and photovoltaic power systems. Sample shipments will start this November.

  1. 1Separates the driver-source-terminal from the power-source-terminal, unlike conventional 3-pin packages
  2. 2Mitsubishi Electric press release on June 16, 2020:

N-series 1200V SiC-MOSFET in TO-247-4 package

Product Features

  1. 1)Four-pin package helps reduce power consumption and physical size of power-supply systems
    • SiC-MOSFET chip with good figure of merit (FOM3) of 1,450mΩ-nC and high self-turn-on tolerance is mounted on TO-247-4 package, which is equipped with independent driver source terminal as well as conventional 3-pin package.
    • Adopts four-pin package to reduce parasitic inductance, a problem in high-speed switching. Eliminating gate-source voltage drops due to current variations helps to reduce switching loss by approximately 30% compared with TO-247-3 products.
    • Using a higher carrier frequency4 to drive the new power semiconductors helps to reduce switching-power loss, enabling smaller and simpler cooling systems as well as smaller reactors and other peripheral components, thereby helping to reduce the power consumption and physical size of overall power-supply systems.
    1. 3Performance index of power MOSFETs, calculated by multiplying on-resistance by gate-drain charge (100°C junction temperature). Smaller values indicate better performance.
    2. 4Frequency that determines the ON/OFF timing of switching element in inverter circuit
  2. 2)Six models for diverse applications, including AEC-Q101 compliant models
    • New lineup includes models compatible with Automotive Electronics Council's AEC-Q101 standards for use not only in industrial applications, e.g. photovoltaic systems, but also EV applications.
    • Creepage distance (shortest distance over surface between two conductive parts) between drain terminal and source terminal made wider than in TO-247-3 package products for more flexible application, including in outdoor installations where dust and dirt easily accumulate.


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