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Mitsubishi Electric Develops Teaching-less Robot System Technology Programs robots easily and automatically, without expert input, to work as fast as humans


TOKYO, February 28, 2022 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it has developed a teaching-less robot system technology to enable robots to perform tasks, such as sorting and arrangement as fast as humans without having to be taught by specialists. The system incorporates Mitsubishi Electric's Maisart®1 AI technologies including high-precision speech recognition, which allows operators to issue voice instructions to initiate work tasks and then fine-tune robot movements as required. The technology is expected to be applied in facilities such as food-processing factories where items change frequently, which has made it difficult until now to introduce robots. Mitsubishi Electric aims to commercialize the technology in or after 2023 following further performance enhancements and extensive verifications.

  1. 1 Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the- ART in technology Maisart


Processes Results
Conventional Technology Environmental information: Prepared by experts using CAD, etc.
Program entry: Manual.
Adjustments/modifications: Confirmed using simulator and/or trial and error.
  • Programming performed manually
  • Performance slower than manual work
New Self-programming Technology Environmental information: Prepared by system using sensors
Program entry: Via tablet or voice.
Adjustments/modifications: Self-programmed commands optimize motion trajectory and timing
  • Automatic programming
  • Performance time equal to that of humans

Fig. 1 Example of increased efficiency achieved with new system


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