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Mitsubishi Electric Launches New IT Cooling Systems-MEXT combines high energy efficiency standards with state-of-the-art cooling capabilities

SYDNEY, Australia, December 2022: Mitsubishi Electric Australia has launched an energy efficient cooling system for IT environments. Building on the company’s strong legacy of IT Cooling, s-MEXT is the new cooling system that delivers top class efficiency alongside premium Mitsubishi Electric quality.

The split cooling package consists of the s-MEXT high precision air conditioner indoor unit connected to a Mr Slim R32 inverter outdoor unit. The product is monumental for data centres around the country where 40% of total electricity usage comes from air conditioning.

Aside from its energy efficiency focus, the new s-MEXT air conditioning has been designed with data centres front of mind and is equipped to precisely control temperature and relative humidity. Its small size design means it can easily integrate into small IT rooms, small data centres, or distribution rooms without sacrificing space.

Atesh Mani, National Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Australia, explains the importance of the new product for data centres around the country.

"We’re really excited to launch the latest product in the Mitsubishi Electric IT Cooling family. The s-MEXT has really been manufactured to provide IT environments with powerful cooling solutions whilst providing businesses with a R32 refrigerant option."

Increased power densities in IT environments have led to growing temperatures (up to 23°C) of intake airflows directed to the IT equipment. The s-MEXT and Mr Slim cooling package has been designed to manage return air temperatures up to 35°C, matching the requirements of the most critical data centres.

"We’re very aware that a significant portion of the electricity consumed by data centres is by air-conditioning as such, it is really important that we are constantly innovating to meet the highest energy efficiency standards." Mani added.

S-MEXT is available in over (top air supply) and under (bottom air supply) variants, for a wider range of applications.

The new s-MEXT is available now.

Product Information:

  • Model name: s-MEXT IT Cooling

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